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Sample Layouts Landing Page

In the linked pages you will find the various layouts and slices available in the CANVAS environment. 

Carousel Layouts

Carousels are a collection of slides that can be scrolled through or in certain situations put on an auto rotation to share information. 

FAQ Layouts

FAQ Accordions can be added to Page Builder Pages to answer questions for the user. 

Featured Content Layout

Featured Content is a way to present slide content in a static view (as opposed to carousels) and share highlighted content.

Social Stream Layouts

A social stream can be added to a page to share social media content.

Taco Layouts

Touts are components on the website that calls out or offers something to the site visitor.

Text Layouts

There are many ways to use text on a page, see how the column layouts affect the layout. 

Video Layouts

View how Video Layouts appear in Canvas.

Sample Mix and Match

Take a look at some samples of how various slices can be brought together.